Stay in the only potato hotel in the world

Stay in the only potato hotel in the world


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Unique stays are unusual, from the Icehotel in Sweeden to the Cube Hotel in the Netherlands. But, have you ever stayed in a potato-shaped hotel?

Located in the US, The Big Idaho Potato Hotel is dubbed the only potato hotel in the world. The 6-ton spud made of steel, plaster and concrete is set on a field in South Boise and offers picturesque views of the Owyhee Mountains.

Don't let the exterior fool you, though. Once you step inside, you will find stunning design features and top amenities. The 8.5m long, 3,6m wide and 3.5m tall potato has all the perks of a comfortable hotel stay.

The eco-friendly offering features a double bed, a seating area, a cleverly crafted chandelier, a mini-fridge and an old record player.

The bathroom is in the recycled silo, just a few steps away from the potato. The luxe offering also features a giant whirlpool, a fireplace, luxurious amenities and a glass skylight for night-time star-gazing.

The stay comes with a jersey cow who will be your pet for the duration of your stay.

The accommodation sleeps two, but it wasn't always intended to be a hotel.

Created in 2012 for the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) 75th anniversary, the potato travelled across the country for seven years. When it was time to retire, Kristie Wolfe, a former member of the Big Idaho Potato Truck Tour team, decided to transform it into an attraction people would want to visit.

The hotel is sustainable. According to its website, the potato’s walls are made of 10-inch thick green expanding foam for optimal heating and cooling efficiencies.

And an underground pipe acts as a natural air conditioner with a fan pumping cool air into the potato even during hot summer months.

A stay here costs R2,984 a night.

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