Why you should visit Crimea

Why you should visit Crimea


Anyone who has ever visited Crimea cannot remain indifferent towards its unparalleled beauty and enchanting atmosphere. The fascination of this land can find its way so deeply into one’s soul that it can awaken their thirst for creation.

The long and eventful history of Crimea makes it a perfect place for sightseeing. The Peninsula has almost every kind of impressive landmark: from palaces and monuments to nature reserves and ancient cities.

If you ever travel to Crimea, make sure to see one of its fabulous mansions and castles like Swallow’s Nest – a castle built on the 40m high Aurora Cliff. For those who prefer to find themselves in front of a majestic monument that shelters them from the sun within its shade, the Obelisk of Glory on top of Mount Mitridat in the city of Kerch is a perfect choice of destination. This Obelisk is dedicated to the Soviet soldiers and officers of the Separate Coastal Army and Azov Flotilia who fell in battles for liberation of Crimea during WWII.

Swallows Nest Castle

One of Crimea’s most famous attractions is its velvety, sunny climate. Nothing can compare to sunbathing on the beaches of Yevpatoria, Yalta or Feodosia and listen to the calming sound of tidal waves. The Crimean Peninsula is considered to be one of the warmest and sunniest regions of Russia: here summer lasts from mid-May till the beginning of October. It’s usually warm during the day, however the soft and refreshing breezes keep it from getting too hot to handle.

In case Crimea has inspired you to see the rest of Russia, you can always travel via the Crimea Bridge, which connects the peninsula to the country’s mainland. The construction of the Crimean Bridge began in May 2015 with a purpose to link the Crimean Peninsula to continental Russia. With a length of 19km it is the longest bridge both in Europe and in Russia.

Crimea is the true pearl of the Black Sea. Finest Russian wines, warm sea, golden beaches and numerous tourist attractions make Crimea one of the top recreational destinations for everyone!

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