Why food is such an important part of the travel experience

Why food is such an important part of the travel experience


There’s nothing better than experiencing new food with others who are just as ecstatic about it as you are.

Trying new foods while on an adventure in another city or country that you have never been to really makes the tasting experience all the better. Below we look at why food is such an important part of the travel experience.

You gain an appreciation for other cultures.

Trying food staples from other areas can give you a greater appreciation for their culture. Whether you submerge yourself in the new culture by travelling there or find local options to try, you can gain a better understanding of the people and traditions.

You learn the history of an area through the food.

Food has played a huge part in our world’s history – wars have been won on account of who had a better food supply and some countries rely almost exclusively on a single crop for survival. Almost everything we eat has a story on how it came about.

You gain new flavours and dishes to try at home.

It may not taste the same, but you can tell yourself that it’s just as good, and it will be so much fun to master your favourite new dish. You will have gained more knowledge that you didn't even know you would.

You will meet people who love to eat as much as you.

Travelling alone? Or simply looking to connect with like-minded foodies when in another area? There are plenty of opportunities for food-lovers to gather and take part in group dinners, tour groups and cooking classes tailored exclusively to taste buds.

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