What to pack in your carry-on to survive long flights during the pandemic

What to pack in your carry-on to survive long flights during the pandemic


With travel restrictions finally starting to ease, folks are able to plan those overseas trips they had to postpone last year.

Whether it’s trip back home or a much-needed holiday, long flights are a major part of the journey.

If you’re going to spend eight hours on a flight, and can’t afford the luxury of travelling first class, the trip can be unpleasant if you’re not prepared.

While we might be catching flights again, the Covid-19 virus remains a real and constant threat.

Travelling in a confined space over a long period is risky, regardless of the necessary tests done before your trip.

Pack the essentials. Picture: Unsplash

Bearing in mind all the factors, it has become even more important to make sure your carry-on bag is packed with care.

With weight and size restrictions, your bag needs to contain just the essentials.

What you’ll need to survive a long trip:

Masks. Not one mask but many. Wearing a mask is mandatory. You will be wearing a mask throughout the flight, so you will want to change them often. This is where disposable mask come in handy. Depending on the length of your trip is, be sure to have at least six.

Masks are essential. Picture: Unsplash

Hand sanitiser and wipes. Even though hand sanitisers are everywhere, it’s always good to have a tube or travel-size spray bottle with you. Disinfectant wipes are great for wiping surfaces like your tray and armrests. They are also essential for accidental messes.

Snacks. Many airlines have stopped serving onboard meals in order to protect themselves and others. The less you touch, the better. This makes it essential to pack your own snacks. You can’t take a three-course meal onboard, so stick to dry foods and water.

It’s better to pack your own snacks. Picture: Unsplash

Entertainment. Whether you’re taking the time to read a book or binge-watching a TV series on your laptop, you’ll want to have something to keep you entertained. If you intend using your electronic devices, don’t forget to pack all the essentials that go with it. A fully charged powerbank, earphones and chargers for all your devices are vital.

Comfort is key. Unless you’re travelling first class, chances are that your seat/bed for the trip might not be the most comfortable. This means it’s up to you to make it as comfortable as possible. Travel pillows, eye masks and earplugs come in handy when trying to sleep. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Toiletries. You’re spending a good couple of hours on a flight in proximity to others. Basic hygiene is essential. Would you want to sit next to a person with bad body odour and stinky breath? Then don’t be that person. At some point during the flight you will need to freshen up. You don’t need the entire contents of your bathroom cabinet, so keep it basic.

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