We answer your third wave travel questions

We answer your third wave travel questions


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The South African government warned us about a potential third wave months ago. Now that cases are rapidly rising, it is only a matter of time until they make it official.

Of course, if you've made travel plans, that may cause some added worry should President Cyril Ramaphosa announce any travel bans.

We spoke with travel expert Modipadi Phoku on the next steps for travellers:

Do I book my holiday?

Booking a holiday, according to Phoku, depends on the travellers and any travel restrictions imposed by the government.

She advised travellers to book holidays later this year if they were in no hurry to go on a trip.

“Booking later in the year is advisable at the moment due to the high rate of Covid-19 transmission in winter. Rather wait until the weather is warmer and the number of Covid-19 cases decreases,” she said.

I booked my winter holiday. What do I do if the country imposes travel bans?

Phoku said travellers have the option to postpone their holidays to a later date if they are not comfortable travelling during the third wave.

“When Covid-19 hit South Africa last year, many travellers postponed their trips until they felt safe to do so. Reschedule your trip to another date and use the time to make it even more memorable,” added Phoku.

She advised that travellers also speak with management of their accommodation to reach an agreement on a new travel date.

I want to travel and do not intend to postpone my trip. What’s next?

Phoku urged travellers who wanted to travel to follow Covid-19 protocols, like mask-wearing, hand sanitising and social distancing.

“If you want to travel, you are more than welcome, as long as there are no bans and you adhere to all regulations.

“Travellers should enjoy travel and choose holiday options according to their needs and desires,” she said.

Do you have any advice for me if I choose to travel?

Phoku said travellers should not panic.

“Do not fear. If you heed to government's regulations, you should be fine.”

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