All your travel questions answered

All your travel questions answered


With more people trading their Zoom meetings for in-person interaction, many questions have arisen regarding travel during the pandemic.

Corporate Traveller GM Oz Desai has answered some pressing questions you might have:

My flight is cancelled! Now what?

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, flight cancellations were a hassle. Now, a cancelled flight can make even the most seasoned traveller feel a bit anxious.

“That’s where technology comes in,” said Desai. “No matter where you are in the world, travel chatbots can go a long way in alleviating anxiety.”

What if I have to cancel?

If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that life is unpredictable. Desai said it’s always better to book a flexible fare. However, he warned that it came at a higher price tag.

Will I need to quarantine?

Perhaps the biggest concern at the moment is around the issue of quarantine. “Understandably, most travellers baulk at the idea of 14 days in quarantine. It’s an expensive inconvenience – both in terms of budget and productivity,” said Desai.

He suggested that people use a travel expert who could help alleviate any concerns. “They are well-placed to give you the best advice at any time, including breaking news and travel alerts. They’ll keep their finger on the pulse, so you’re informed of any changes in terms of your itinerary and travel requirements.”

Can you tell me about Covid testing?

PCR. Antigen. Antibody. The different testing methods and time frames can feel overwhelming and confusing.

He said the use of a travel expert would assist in ensuring that all your Covid testing is done timeously. He said travellers would also get tested at their destination (airport, clinic, even in-house PCR testing services at a hotel).

What if I get stranded?

Travel isn’t always smooth sailing – and things can happen. Always be prepared for the unexpected.

Monitor the news for travel alerts (it’s a bonus if you have a travel expert in your corner) so you are aware of the travel regulations as it happens.

Being stuck in a country can be overwhelming and financially burdening. Rather ensure that you book the first flight out if this happens. If you get left behind, speak to the embassies who could assist you and others in a similar predicament to get flights back home.

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