Go on a luxury balloon trip to space for R1.7m

Go on a luxury balloon trip to space for R1.7m


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Enjoy 360-degree views of planet Earth on the world's first luxury space flight organised by Florida based company Space Perspective.

The company hopes to launch this state-of-the-art balloon rises by 2024.

The once-in-a-lifetime trip will take place on board Spaceship Neptune, which will lift passengers 30 000m to space.

Eight guests and a pilot can travel at a time, with a co-pilot on the ground.

The capsule is kitted with a bar, bathroom, reclining seats and more luxury amenities.

Space Perspective claims they are the first-of-its-kind space laboratory able to repeatedly test and capture data from a part of Earth’s atmosphere. Guests can also participate in research as part of their own experience.

Sales for the “life changing” experience opened this week.

Husband and wife duo Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum, the founders of Space Perspective, want to use the experience to invite more people to see space.

And, if you are sceptical about safety, the company is performing extensive testing and applying flight technology used by Nasa and other government entities for decades.

The company said it doesn’t use rocket propulsion nor engender g-force acceleration.

It said: “Spaceship Neptune rewrites the engineering playbook.”

The six-hour journey isn't a physical demand for guests and requires minimal preparation, the company said.

“While exhilarating in its own right, this is an invitation to experience a profoundly different perspective that is the most visceral reminder of how interconnected we are, not just with each other, but with all living organisms — boundaries and differences disappear.

“It’s a powerful, moving and much more expansive perspective that enlightens the human consciousness, the quintessential astronaut experience,” the company said.

THE once-in-a-lifetime trip will take place on board Spaceship Neptune. Picture: supplied.

Bespoke experiences

If you can afford the experience, Space Perspective aims to create a bespoke journey, whether it is for a birthday or even a wedding ceremony. Whatever the occasion, it will offer views out of this world.

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