’Arrow’ star Stephen Amell 'ashamed' of drunken behaviour that got him kicked off flight

’Arrow’ star Stephen Amell ‘ashamed’ of drunken behaviour that got him kicked off flight


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Stephen Amell feels “deeply ashamed” of his behaviour which caused him to be kicked off a flight.

The ‘Arrow’ actor was removed from a Delta Airlines flight earlier this year for getting too loud during a drunken argument with his wife, Cassandra Jean, and has now said he regrets his actions.

He explained: “I mean, maybe I destroyed my entire life, my entire career? So, I think, ultimately, very ashamed of it, trying to make amends for it, specifically with my wife.

“I had too many drinks, and I had too many drinks in a public place, and I got on a plane. I was p***** off about something else that had nothing to do with Cass, my wife, and I picked a fight. Just picked a fight because I wanted to be loud and upset.”

Stephen also said he “can’t even remember” what he was upset about, so he knows it “wasn’t important”.

He added: “Honestly, I can’t even remember what I was upset about, which was indicative of two things. Handle your liquor. I had too many drinks, right? And B, it clearly wasn’t important. I was just upset and wanted to be upset and sure enough after [Cass] said this, a guy came by and said, ‘Sir, you have to keep your voice down, please.’

“I’m actually, frankly, like deeply ashamed of it. I feel like I went the better part of 10 years without being an a**hole in public. I was an a**hole in public.”

The 40-year-old actor initially calmed down when asked to keep the noise down, but was then asked to leave the plane 10 minutes later.

He told the ‘Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum’ podcast: “I was focusing. I’m staring out the window. I wasn’t gonna say a word for the next two and a half hours. And [the flight attendant] said, ‘We’ll collect your things. We’ll talk about it at the top of the entranceway. And I went ‘OK.’ But what if I just casually, flippantly, not being in sound mind and body, offer like a quick passive f***off — and all of a sudden I’m in these bracelets?”

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