Why Gmail’s new ’External’ label will be useful

Why Gmail’s new ’External’ label will be useful


Google has updated its Gmail service with an “External” label”.

The tech giant is looking to help users stay safe from malware and spam, and it's taking action with email threads including recipients from outside your organisation.

They will now be labelled “External” – which will be visible both on desktop and Android this month with a roll-out set to take up to 15 days – inside a yellow button next to the email header.

The company will update users once the feature is available on iOS.

In a Workspace Updates blog, Google explained “The “External” label and the reply warning banner and label are helpful reminders for users to treat external messages with caution.

“This can help avoid unintentionally sharing confidential information with recipients outside of their organisation.”

Companies can turn the on and off , and Google clarified that second or alias domains are exempt from the label.

Earlier this year, Google Chat has introduced more options in notification settings to improve user experience.

The search giant has added the ability to customise notification frequency for both mobile and desktop across Chat and Chat in Gmail.

In a blog post, the company said: “These additional notification settings give you more control over the amount of notifications you’ll receive based on your level of engagement or involvement in specific conversations.

“We hope that by giving the ability you adjust your notifications as needed, you can stay on top of need-to-know conversations without being overwhelmed by notifications.”

The options impact “push notifications on desktop and mobile, as well as notification badges on both the Chat and Gmail apps”.

The available preferences include “notify always”, “notifications off” and “notify less”.

Regarding the latter, Google said: “You’ll receive notifications and badges for direct mentions, @all mentions, and followed threads.

“Additionally, there is an option to be notified about new threads in threaded rooms.”

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