Spotify launches new Blend playlists

Spotify launches new Blend playlists


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SPOTIFY has launched a new playlist feature called Spotify Blends.

The music streaming giant already curates playlists known as Daily Mixes, which are based on a user’s specific tastes, but they are now set to roll out a new type of specially curated playlist that will merge the music you listen to with the tracks most loved by your friends.

Spotify Blend has been in beta testing since June, and began officially rolling out to all users on Tuesday.

The feature will allow users to choose friends to “blend” their musical tastes with, and will then construct personalised playlists based on the songs that make up both users’ favourites.

When two users create a blended playlist, they’ll also receive what’s known as a “taste match score”, which will grade how similar or unique their listening preferences are compared with those of their other friends.

People will also be able to share the data stories produced by Blend playlists on social media channels to show everyone their results.

On mobile, users can access the feature by navigating to the “Made for you” hub and tapping “Invite” to send an invitation to connect to any friend with a Spotify free or premium account.

When that friend accepts the invite, Spotify will create a blended playlist made up of tracks both friends will love, as well as additional recommendations that take their shared listening preferences and tastes into account.

According to Spotify, premium users will also be able to know which friend contributed which songs, because those playlists will list which user’s listening preferences inspired the song selection.

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