The coolest gadgets for sale in South Africa

The coolest gadgets for sale in South Africa


Christmas may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shop for cool gadgets, either for yourself or your loved ones.

Perhaps you have a special birthday coming up to buy for, or you’re just looking to treat yourself to something new and fancy. Whether it’s a games console to enjoy on rainy days or a multi-tool for outdoor adventures, the South African gadget market is booming – and we’ve done all the hard work for you by summarizing a list of the fanciest gadgets available.

Gaming gadgets

The games consoles market is as popular as ever, but things have moved on from the days of pinball machines and Gameboys. Now, South Africa’s gamers are able to take advantage of add-ons such as gaming headsets, which are perfect for multi-player games played over the internet. Some of these come with additional features for that extra touch of luxury, such as cushioned ear pads, background noise cancellers and three-dimensional soundscape creation.

It’s also possible to enjoy games on devices and items that were not intended specifically for gaming. Casino games in South Africa, for example, can be played on even a standard tablet computer or smartphone. This is ideal for those who like placing a bet or two while they are out and about, with the additional benefit being that the gadget can double up for lots of other purposes – such as for social media usage or photography.

Productivity tools

Productivity gadgets are always a winner, especially if you or the recipient work long, hard hours in an office. A stress ball or a fidget spinner is a good shout for anybody who is a bundle of nervous energy, while there’s a whole host of USB-powered plug-in tools, such as desk fans or coffee mug warmers, that can be picked up and powered wherever there’s a laptop.

And if you fancy going a little old-school with your gadgets, taking up something like recording your thoughts in a structured journal is a great way to break away from the screen for a moment or two and reflect on how you’re feeling during a busy day.

Trekking and mountaineering

South Africa is home to some beautiful mountain ranges, including the famous Table Mountain in Cape Town and the Hex River Mountains. And it’s possible to optimize your trip out into this country’s great outdoors by picking up some explorer’s gadgets. Torches, for example, are the perfect companion for any trip into nature, but not just any torch will do – especially if you’re planning a trip that has an overnight element, such as a camping outing. A torch with an angled head, plus some spare batteries in case it runs out, is an ideal way to make sure that your environment is sufficiently illuminated.

Another option for the budding adventurer is to pick up a multi-tool device. The most complex of these items come with a variety of functions built into them, including everything from a small knife to a pair of pliers. You may not be able to entirely plan in advance what you’ll come up against once you get into the great outdoors, but with a gadget like this at your side you’ll be able to contend with almost anything.

Stocking fillers

Anyone who has a gadget-lover in their life will know full well that the coolest items are sometimes the smallest and simplest. When buying gadgets, it’s worth considering what will be likely to bring a smile to the face of the recipient as well as what will be useful – if you can make someone laugh while also making their life easier, you’re onto a winner.

It’s possible, for example, to pick up beer bottle openers that have an integrated tally, which lets you keep count just how many cold ones you’ve cracked open over a period. Or perhaps your choice of gadget could spark an as-yet undiscovered hobby or interest. A pair of binoculars manufactured by a major brand such as National Geographic, for example, could spark a lifetime’s interest in birdwatching or another relevant activity.

Gadgets have been popular in South Africa for years. But now, in the age of the internet and the connected home, there’s a broader range of gadgets available for purchase than ever before. As this blog post has shown, the market in South Africa offers consumers everything from office-enhancing gadgets to fun stocking fillers. So, whatever you’re after, you can pick it up online.

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