Priest in Athens throws acid at bishops after disciplinary hearing

Priest in Athens throws acid at bishops after disciplinary hearing


Pretoria – Ten people, including seven senior Greek Orthodox bishops, have been hurt in an acid attack by a priest undergoing a disciplinary hearing in Athens, the Guardian UK reported on Thursday, citing authorities.

The online publication said three of the bishops were still in hospital following the attack late on Wednesday, while two lawyers were also being treated. A guard who was at the scene and arrested the suspect was also rushed to hospital.

Local media reported that those attacked had suffered burns, mostly on their faces and hands, the Guardian UK wrote.

The Guardian cited a Greek newspaper, Ta Nea, reporting that the bishops were in session to discuss possibly defrocking the priest after he was allegedly discovered to be in possession of 1.8 grams of cocaine hidden under his cassock, in the area of his genitals, in June 2018.

According to The Washington Post, when members of the religious court informed the priest of their decision, he suddenly stood up, pulled out two bottles of acid and lunged at the panel, allegedly dousing them in caustic liquid.

According to Athens News Agency, the suspect is still in custody and it is still unclear whether he has been formally charged.

The news agency reported that Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias visited the victims in hospital and said that four of them will remain there and one will be transferred for plastic surgery to KAT hospital, north of Athens.

“The remaining two metropolitans will be transferred either to KAT or to the eye clinic of Gennimatas Hospital, depending on the outcome of their recovery,” he was quoted as saying.

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