State says woman is cold-blooded killer who ’planned’ hand grenade attack on Kinnears


Cape Town – The State has called Amaal Jantjies a cold-blood killer who should be refused bail because she corrupted an Anti-Gang Unit (AGU) member to warn alleged underworld figure Nafiz Modack when his home would be raided.

The Stated said she had also organised a range of artillery from hand grenades to firearms and hit men to assist in an attack on AGU commander Lieutenant-Colonel Charl Kinnear’s home.

Explosive arguments were led at the Parow Regional Court on Friday during Jantjies’s bail application which is set to come to an end after she spent nearly seven days on the stand.

Jantjies and her co-accused, Farez Smith, aka Mamokie, and Janick Adonis have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and procuring explosives, relating to the hand grenade incident at Kinnear’s home in November 2019.

Both Smith and Adonis are serving a sentence for another crime and have since abandoned their bail application.

Kinnear was assassinated in September outside of his home in Bishop Lavis.

AGU commander, LT Colonel Charl Kinnear

Jantjies previously claimed AGU head Brigadier Andre Lincoln had asked her and Adonis to help with carrying out a hit on someone who had been threatening himself and his colleague Kinnear.

But the State has reputed her claims stating Lincoln and other police officers had handed in affidavits to block her attempt at corrupting their image and employment.

State prosecutor Blaine Lazarus, armed with Whatsapp conversations, stated Jantjies had received a BMW from Modack in November 2019 and had several verbal meetings with him via her cellphone where she was allegedly tasked to corrupt an AGU member.

The purpose, Lazarus said, was to corrupt the officer, so he could warn the underworld figure when his home would be hit during raids.

Voice recordings, in which Jantjies referred to Modack as “Mr M,” were played inside court and Whatsapp text messages were read out.

To date, Jantjies has continued to refute that she knows the notorious “NM” as in accordance with how it was saved to her cellphone and claimed she only dealt with this “person’s” associate who she had known as “Andre”.

The State has placed on record that they were in possession of two cellphone numbers which belonged to Modack.

Nafiz Modack

One of the numbers which starts with 074, had been used by Modack during a complaint he had lodged with police.

During one of the Whatsapp Voice notes, Jantjies is heard asking Modack whether they could meet because she had managed to get the officer, identified as Sergeant Tabisher, to agree to assist in providing information when his home was raided for R10 000.

“Good day Mr M, I already met with puppy (also known as Sergeant Tabisher). I do have a voice recording on the phone but it is 16 megabytes. I will send it in two parts.”

Another message she is heard asking Mr M if they could meet to hear the message.

Jantjies later said she had not corrupted the cop.

She claimed she had landed up in police cells because of Lincoln whom she claimed had tasked her and her boyfriend, Adonis, to create a fake attack on Lincoln because they were being threatened by an underworld figure and to smoke out corrupt police officers.

“It is because of Lincoln that I am here facing a charge of conspiracy to commit murder,” she said.

“I helped General Lincoln, they wanted to arrest that person.

“As I said before in my bail, I said I helped Lincoln with the whole plan and now I am standing here.

“To be honest to the court, the AGU is corrupt. The whole team is on the payroll of NM, now they are playing dirty amongst one another.”

Lazarus said Jantjies was a cold blood killer who should be refused bail because she had too many connections to the underworld: “You are very dangerous, a cold-blooded killer.”

Jantjies replied: “Wow, and the General?”

Jantjies claimed she had virtual meetings with the mystery person known as NM, who would assist in paying thousands of rands for her fiancé, Adonis’ bail application at the Western Cape High Court.

Lazarus continued: “Accused three (Adonis), your fiancé, is a JKF, Junky Funky , a hit man, Modack was going to give you R100 to R200 thousand to get accused three out and you needed to do something for him, the attack.”

“All your contacts, you had guts to attack a high ranking officer.”

Lazarus said Jantjies had arranged everything, the hand grenade, even firearms and a possible petrol attack to follow through with the plan.

And that Jantjies at one stage said during virtual conversations she would stand at a window to make sure she heard the gunshots go off if they carried out a gun-attack.

On April 8, the State revealed Modack had allegedly ordered a hit on Kinnear.

The State said Jantjies had sent Kinnear’s address to Adonis via Whatsapp.

Kinnear’s widow Nicolette Kinnear and her sons have not missed a court attendance, were also present.

Amaal Jantjies appeared on Friday at the Parow Regional Court in connection with a hand grenade incident and an attack on the home of Charl Kinnear. His widow Nicolette Kinnear leaves court at the end of the day. Picture: Tracey Adams/African News Agency (ANA)

Nicolette later took to the Facebook page created for her husband “Justice for LT/Col Charl Kinnear”, stating she had sat and listened to how others had planned to bomb, shoot and use a hand grenade to attack them at their home.

She said she was left feeling sick to her stomach.

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