Former deputy mayor appears for allegedly taking out funeral policies on residents

Former deputy mayor appears for allegedly taking out funeral policies on residents


Cape Town – A former Langeberg deputy mayor made a second court appearance on charges of fraud this week after taking out insurance policies on residents in his community.

According to community leader Thembani Mgoqi, Wiseman Mnyamana had taken out a funeral policy on a young man from the area, Yongama Mthetho.

Mthetho was found dead on a pig farm earlier this month. Police have, however, not linked anyone to the murder.

“He did make some claims with other insurance companies, but some decided to investigate before paying out and found out he was trying to defraud them and cancelled the insurance,” said Mgoqi.

Mgoqi said Mthetho is not the only person who the accused had taken out a funeral policy.

The deceased’s mother, Nonzaliseko Mthetho, confirmed that Mnyamana took out a funeral policy for her son. ’’He took the funeral policy out without our knowledge and it is a very huge amount,” she said.

She said that police said they first want to complete the investigation of fraud and then continue with her son’s murder case.

She added that the different policies Mnyamana took out on Mthetho amounted to more than R1 million.

Vuyiswa Selani said Mnyamana had taken out a funeral policy in her name and that of her mother. Selani said her mother had passed away. She confirmed they did not receive a cent from Mnyamana.

She said he also promised them jobs and food parcels if they give him their IDs so he can make copies.

“He uses his power and our desperation to get our IDs to take out policies on us,” she said.

Western Cape National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila said Mnyamana appeared at the Robertson Magistrate’s Court on charges of fraud.

It is alleged that the accused took out a funeral policy with a huge amount of money on the deceased.

Old Mutual said they have specific definitions of how the insured person needs to relate to the owner to be able to get cover under their funeral plan.

The insurance company said when insuring someone, there must be an insurable interest between the two individuals.

Old Mutual said there is a limit to the number of policies that can be taken out, much as they do have a limit on the cover amount per person insured.

The company explained that when they do find out that the relationship for cover is not met as per their definition requirements, they will cancel the policy and refund an amount applicable to the customer.

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