Western Cape father wins R13m Lotto with R10 quick pick

Western Cape father wins R13m Lotto with R10 quick pick


Durban: A Western Cape father of two won just over R13 million in Lotto with a R10 quick pick ticket.

Despite his new millionaire status, the winner who lives in a small town on the West Coast, told national lottery Ithuba that he didn’t plan on changing his life drastically.

“My wife and I want to save a huge portion of our winnings.

“I don’t plan on leaving my job as I earn a very good salary, however, the winnings will make a difference in our lives.

“Firstly I want to pay off all my debts, renovate my children’s bedrooms and buy myself a brand new car.”

The winner walked away with the exact amount of R13 296 348.10 from May 1 draw.

Asked how he choose his number, the winner said:

“I’ve been using the same numbers ever since I started playing the Lotto.

“I use my family’s birth dates as my lucky numbers.

“However, just a week before I won the jackpot I matched three numbers on the Daily Lotto.

“For this specific draw since my lucky numbers had already brought me luck, I decided to try something new and opted for the quick pick selection method and little did I know that I would actually win the jackpot”, added the winner.


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