Online registrations, learning continues despite closure of DUT campuses

Online registrations, learning continues despite closure of DUT campuses


DURBAN – Management at the Durban University of Technology have confirmed that around 98% of all students have been registered.

Earlier this month, DUT announced the closure of all five of its Durban campuses after a hoax message sent hordes of students descending on the Steve Biko campus, which were followed by violent clashes between students and police.

Speaking to IOL, senior director of corporate affairs, Alan Khan, said all five campuses remain closed but they have recognised the need for on-campus practical and laboratory sessions for students as integral parts of their specific programmes.

He said this would be done in a phased manner.

“To this end, a re-prioritised list of practical and laboratory sessions will be produced by faculties and departments as part of this phased approach. The re-prioritisation will focus mainly on those practical and laboratory sessions mandated by professional bodies and councils and cannot be delayed any longer,” he said.

Khan said only staff who were essential workers with permits and students who have the required permits were allowed access to the university.

Online and multimodal learning for returning students commenced on March 29 and April 12 for first-year students.


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