Elderly KZN couple spend the night in a nature reserve after getting lost

Elderly KZN couple spend the night in a nature reserve after getting lost


Durban – An elderly couple who went hiking on Sunday at the Umtamvuna Nature Reserve near Port Edward, on the KZN South Coast, and ended up lost were rescued on Monday morning.

According to Glen Preston from emergency services Med-Evac, the couple, aged 60 and 70, had left on Sunday morning to do the 14km hike.

“Somewhere along the line they got lost and left the trail and ended up near a waterfall,” said Preston.

He said on Sunday afternoon family members raised the alarm bells about the couple’s disappearance.

“We immediately dispatched our members together with SAPS Search and Rescue.

A helicopter was used to search for the couple. Picture: Med-Evac

“The couple both had their cellphones with them but signal was very poor. From the little communication with them, we managed to tell them to get to the river, but they somehow went somewhere else.”

Preston said rescue services searched for the couple until 2am on Monday, but to no avail.

“At first light on Monday morning we were back with rescue team but decided to do an aerial search with a helicopter. There is thick vegetation so it is very difficult to spot a person.

The couple went on a 14km hike and went off trail. Picture: Med-Evac

Preston said on after the aerial search, they resumed the search on foot with the K9 dogs and found the couple after two hours.

“Apart from being cold, exhausted and dehydrated they were in good health.”

The family were extremely happy that the couple were found.


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