Hostel resident arrested after taxi boss is shot and killed on M1 highway

Hostel resident arrested after taxi boss is shot and killed on M1 highway


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Johannesburg – A man believed to be a taxi boss was shot and killed while three people he was travelling with were also injured in an incident whose motive is not yet known.

Four people believed to have been behind the incident were traced to Ivory Park were a shootout between them and the police ensued.

One of the suspects was shot and wounded while the other one was arrested. Two others are still at large.

Gauteng police spokesperson Colonel Kay Makhubele said they have since opened murder and attempted murder case.

He said the incident happened on Wednesday at about 11.30am.

Makhubele said the taxi boss and three others were driving on the M1 highway in Woodmead when people driving a Toyota Corolla opened fire on them.

He said the vehicle being shot at veered off the road and a man believed to be a taxi boss was killed. Three others were injured.

ER24’s Russel Meiring said their paramedics arrived at the scene at 10.53am to find several vehicles were found in the middle of the road.

He said they found a security guard lying in the road while three other males were inside a light motor vehicle.

Meiring said paramedics found that one of the people inside the car was dead while the driver and the security guard were in a critical condition.

“The other occupant from the vehicle escaped with minor injuries.

“Paramedics treated the patients and provided the two critically injured with advanced life support. Shortly after, the security guard was airlifted by a private medical helicopter to a private hospital while the other was transported by ambulance.

“The patient with minor injuries was transported to a nearby hospital for further care.

Makhubele said they responded swiftly and chased the Toyota Corolla with four people and cornered it in Ivory park.

“Suspects started shooting at the police and police returned fire one suspect was shot and one arrested,the suspects were found in possession of four rifles.

“One of the suspects we arrested said he was from Nancefiel Hostel.

“Two of the suspects managed to run away and police are searching for them,” he said.

Makhubele also said there was suspicion that the car the suspects were using was one used by Taxify drivers but that it was not yet something that could confirm now.


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