Boycott, report establishments flouting Covid-19 laws – liquor traders

Boycott, report establishments flouting Covid-19 laws – liquor traders


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Pretoria – Regulated liquor traders have made a call to consumers to “boycott and report” traders and establishments that could push the government to reinstate the ban on the sale of alcohol amid the third wave.

This follows a meeting with the Gauteng Liquor Board and, said president of the Concerned Tshwane Liquor Traders Association Oupa Mthombeni, despite the government’s mercy not to ban the sale of alcohol with the implementation of alert level 2, some traders continued with risky behaviour.

With most parts of the country, including Gauteng, said to have officially entered the third wave, managing director of Tops at Spar in Lynnwood Lane and in Wapadrand Hendri van der Walt and Mthombeni said traders who continued to host prohibited gatherings placed the entire industry at risk and people's health on the line.

Mthombeni said with regards to taverns and pubs, those who were under his association were easier to control, and they ensured maximum compliance, but it was some of those who did not belong to any associations that did not respect the curfew and limitations on gatherings.

“We have agreed with the Gauteng Liquor Board to do door-to-door campaigns on Tuesdays just to help spread the positive message among our colleagues in this industry.”

Van der Walt said: “People just have to be considerate and stop being selfish. What do you think will happen to the workers who are in this industry if alcohol is established to be a contributing factor because people gather where there is alcohol?

“If you look at a business like mine, the majority of the type of people who buy here just want to grab a couple of bottles and go to drink in their homes. However, you find some dealers who allow large numbers of people to buy to party at his or her place, knowing very well that kind of event is classified as a superspreader event. The police have also assured the public that they will continue to enforce compliance with all protocols”.

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