Agrizzi tells Zondo inquiry he is no longer a racist

Agrizzi tells Zondo inquiry he is no longer a racist


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Former Bosasa boss Angelo Agrizzi is no longer a racist.

That is what he told the Zondo commission while being cross-examined by businessman Kevin Wakeford’s legal representative on Thursday afternoon.

Agrizzi told the commission that he was painted as a racist while he was at Bosasa and conceded that he previously testified that he indeed was a racist.

But, Agrizzi now says he has since sought help and is no longer a racist.

“I was a racist and I am deeply sorry for that. I am no longer a racist. I learnt my lesson,” Agrizzi said.

“There is no longer a racist thing in my mind,” he added.

Agrizzi is facing cross-examination by advocate Reg Willies in regard to evidence he previously gave about Wakeford.

Wakeford, the Armscor chief executive, was implicated by Agrizzi when he told the commission that Wakeford was a Bosasa beneficiary.

Willies asked Agrizzi if there was a possibility that all the evidence he had given both orally and in affidavits with regard to Wakeford could have contained mistakes or “maybe remembered incorrectly”.

Agrizzi said he may have had incorrectly referred to dates or times, but the context of his evidence was true.

“I never lied. I told the truth,” Agrizzi said.

The commission earlier heard evidence from Bosasa's former head of special operations, Richard le Roux, while being cross-examined by the legal representatives of former procurement head at Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa Mbulelo Gingcana.

Gingcana appeared before the Zondo commission earlier where he gave evidence regarding the security upgrades done at his home, allegedly by Bosasa.

The inquiry continues.

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