Hilarity ensues after NBC sport anchor’s on air gaffe

Hilarity ensues after NBC sport anchor’s on air gaffe


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Cape Town – A Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) sports anchor left viewers and social media users in stitches after confronting her colleague during a prime time news broadcast on Wednesday, not realising they were live.

In a video widely shared on social media platforms, NBC news anchor Elmarie Kapunda introduced the sports presenter Jesica, making a brief reference to the story to follow.

A combative Jessica objected to the apparently off-script introduction, stating: “No, we are not going to do that. You are just going to greet me and say: Take it away.”

A brief silence followed, before Kapunda informed her colleague: “Jessica, we are live.”

Another awkward silence ensued, before the news channel cut the live shot and went to a commercial.

In a Twitter post following the on air gaffe, Jesica said she was not aware she was live when making the comment and apologised to viewers, adding that there was no animosity between Kapunda and herself.

“I didn’t know we were live… my sincere apology to the nation,” the post said.

“There’s no any beef between us, my colleague forgot the script and I was just trying to correct her but I forgot we were live.”

The incident triggered hilarity beyond Namibia’s borders on social media, but also drew criticism, with some users slamming Jessica as rude and unprofessional.

“But you used beef tone, was it your duty to rectify her? Couldn’t you find a way of covering her mistakes then discuss that later?” one Twitter user posted in response to Jesica’s apology.

“Even if you behind the scenes, you don’t address someone like that. Let alone a colleague,” another responded.

Others then used the opportunity to find the the humour in the situation.

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