Bride breaks out in uncontrollable giggles after groom slaps wedding photographer

Bride breaks out in uncontrollable giggles after groom slaps wedding photographer


The wedding photographer is often an integral part of any wedding celebration, the person why stands behind the scenes, waiting in anticipation for the perfect snap.

Their job is to direct a photograph to fit in with the vision the bride and groom envisioned for their big day.

But on this occasion, the wedding photographer may have taken things a step too far, resulting in the video that instantly went viral on Twitter.

The 45-second video of an Indian wedding gone wrong gained more than 15K retweets and 68K likes. It has all the makings of a Hollywood comedy, including a laughing bride and angry groom – except this time it’s as real as it gets.

In the clip, the bride and the groom are on the stage having their pictures taken by the photographer. He then gently pushes the groom away so he can concentrate on the bride, and then he moves her face for the best angle. Big mistake…

Just then the groom comes up from behind him and slaps him hard on the back.

The biggest surprise is the bride’s reaction. Instead of acting shocked, she falls back in fits of giggles and continues to laugh while the wedding guests look on.

It takes her a while to contain herself, but it appears all is well between the three once things quiet down.

Tweeps also took the video with a pinch of salt, with many sharing the bride’s sentiment.

Others did, however, share the groom’s frustration.

The video seemed to have caused so much division online that the bride eventually took to social media to explain the story behind it.

According to, the entire episode which unfolded was part of a scene being shot for a movie, called Darling Pyaar Jhukta Nahi.

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