The apparel industry is moving from bespoke to e-spoke

The apparel industry is moving from bespoke to e-spoke


‘To each his own' is a phrase that has taken a dramatic turn in the fashion industry. The perfect fit, look and style is achieved best by a custom-made piece of clothing.

With the rise of everything online, bespoke and custom-made have also taken a turn for the better; offering their tailoring and artisanal crafting online.

Dhruv Toshniwal, Founder, The Pant Project, speaks of the reason why apparel industry is moving from bespoke to E-spoke:

Bespoke rise

The value of bespoke and custom tailoring increased when people felt the need to evade the back and forth involved in getting clothing made from a tailor: whether it was instructions, fittings or alterations.

Master artisans and their true understanding of a perfect fit, style and just what their clients need gave the boost to bespoke tailoring. Today, the newest trends are available on offer with just a tap on your screens; dailywear, office-wear or occasion-wear, whatever the customer demands.

Shift to e-Spoke

The coming of age of the digital world for everything from ordering groceries to our wardrobes, bespoke and custom tailoring have also shifted focus to providing their customers with seamless online experiences. So why go to a tailor shop, when you can order a custom-made product with the click of a button, from the comfort of your home, and have it delivered to your doorstep.

For the discerning customer that looks for something different, custom-made and personalised, e-tailors are revolutionising the idea of “custom-made, just for you”. Customers choose to go the extra mile when they are able to customise almost every aspect of their order: styles, fit, length, fastenings, hems, monograms.

Some companies go as far as to also provide a customization on the kind of pockets you want, or to add the initials of your name on your apparel at no additional cost.

Made To perfection

E-Tailoring, colloquial to bespoke or custom-made today, is the bridge between aspirational buyers and fine clothing designers and helps them focus on every minute detail to achieve comfort, style and quality in what they create. The choices for the buyer are endless from fabrics, stitching methods and customizations.

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