Stylish ways to wear wide leg pants

Stylish ways to wear wide leg pants


For the past decade or so, it was all about skinny jeans, and the tighter they were, the better.

Now that we’re embracing comfort and Y2K fashion has made a comeback, we’re seeing wider silhouettes dominating the fashion scene. Boot leg yoga pants, pleated straight cut trousers and flowy palazzo pants are just a few of the style’s we love.

Worn by trendy fashion influencers and celebrities, the general population has started to see the appeal – even though they may be reluctant to give up skinny jeans. However, the transition into wider leg pants has not been as smooth for everyone.

From what shoes to wear to what occasion they suit best, this list has got you sorted on styling tips for these gorgeous, loose legged pants.

How to style wide leg pants:


Wide leg pants can be the star of any casual outfit. Whether you opt for a pair that’s faded blue denim or something bright and stand out like pink corduroy – more subtle style choices complement this trend well. Fitted tank tops, plain T-shirts tucked in at the front and sneakers or chunky sandals fit the comfy-casual vibe, but this look can easily be taken up a notch with the right accessories.


Wide leg pants can be luxuriously dressy if you pick a pair in the right fabric. Avoid materials like distressed denim as this looks a little too casual and sheer white cottons because this material is most commonly associated with resort wear.

From buttery soft satin to lustrous viscous, clothing in darker hues tend to look more formal and sophisticated. Pair the pants with a button up shirt, sleek structured blazer or knitted sweater, heeled boots or chunky leather loafers.


To make your wide leg pants look a little more fashion forward, you’ll need to combine it with some other street style trends.

Oversized T-shirts, 1970s inspired floral prints, square-toed strappy sandals with kitten heels, bold colour blocking and unique accessories are a few examples of 2021 streetwear styles. Allow one or two pieces to be the focal point of the outfit.

Office wear

Flowy wide leg pants are the perfect comfy alternative to stiff pencil skirts and cigarette trousers. They offer more room to highlight your personal style so if your work in a more creative field you can really have fun by combining fun printed button up blouses, sleek square-toed boots or pointed heels with a pop of colour.

However, if you’re after that chic office wear style, chunky loafers, a ribbed polo neck or silk blouse paired with a structured blazer would create some serious #Boss vibes. Pick a neutral palette of greys, beige, blacks and browns for ultimate sophistication.

Beach chic

A fresh tan, glowy skin, sand in your hair – wide leg pants were designed to be worn on holiday somewhere warm with a beach (or at least a pool). The light and airy fabric drapes beautifully and keeps you cool.

Throw them on over a swimsuit layered with a cotton/linen button up shirt (plain or printed), a pair of strappy sandals or espadrilles and a wicker handbag to complete the look.

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