New York nurse Oluwole Olosund ready to drop his fashion collection

New York nurse Oluwole Olosund ready to drop his fashion collection


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Oluwole Olosunde is about to drop Collection One of his Against Medical Advice range.

The New York-based professional nurse is merging his love for fashion with medicine by launching a collection inspired by his nursing profession.

Olusunde, who’s also a stylist, took to Twitter to announce that he is launching a new collection under his fashion brand, Against Medical Advice.

” I guess this is what it looks like when a Registered Nurse creates a fashion house. Against Medical Advice: Collection One dropping August 2021,” he said.

Inspired by human anatomy and the many cultures of New York City, Olosunde’s brand focuses on street style garments.

Speaking to the Business Insider, he revealed that although he pursued a career in nursing, inspired by his mother, who was also a nurse, fashion has always been part of his identity.

“As a teenager, I always knew I had this style, I always knew my style was marketable because people would always ask me, ‘Where’d you get this? How did you do this?’’” Olosunde told the publication.

He added: “This is just like normal for me; it was just a part of the way I want to look, the way I want to dress.”

He also mentioned that growing up in a traditional household, fashion was never really an option.

“The idea of a stylist is not a realistic career in the black community,” he said.

However, after obtaining his nursing degree from the University of Buffalo in 2018, he realised he needed to escalate his fashion ambitions.

Below are some of his garments:

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