I need to create to live

I need to create to live


Jeremy Scott has revealed that the pandemic taught him that he has to be constantly working and imagining to feel alive.

The Moschino creative director, 45, has revealed the coronavirus pandemic taught him that he needs to be constantly busy and working on new ideas to feel fulfilled.

And one of his creations to come out of the past 18 months is the fashion designer's film, ‘Lightning Strikes', which showcases his Spring/Summer 2022 collection.

He said: “Yes. I gave myself a mantra very early on: “My body may be here but my mind is anywhere it wants to be,” meaning you can quarantine my body, but you can’t quarantine my mind.

“Whatever I could do to keep bringing life and colour and creating, [I did]. I mean, it became very clear to me that I have to create to live.

“The pandemic did provide food for my imagination. It gave me the imagination to create this film.”

The film stars model and musician Karen Elson and is named after her song of the same name.

Jeremy told GQ Style: “I have been envisioning Karen Elson in this role for a while. She had just released her album of covers called ‘Radio Redhead, Volume 1'.

“Karen can really sing and I think someone ought to do a musical on her. So I wanted to create this world around her.

“I wanted to create a timeless era, that old Hollywood, but also a future world, mingled with an essence of Karen working in a 1980s diner.

“She was the perfect muse and when I heard one of her songs called ‘Lightning Strikes'. which doesn't fit into any musical genre or space in time, in my opinion, I felt it was so perfect.

“The song was so perfect because you can’t tell the time period it's from and that’s what I was trying to achieve visually, with clothes, with the set, with the hair, with everything. And that's how I landed at the name for the collection.”

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