Coats you'll love and live in this season

Coats you’ll love and live in this season


Sure, you may already have a familiar coat to turn to every season; however, if you’re on the lookout for something new and fresh to carry you through this winter, we’re here to help. While the conclusion of Autumn may not be something to look forward to, winter can be enjoyable in the sense that it’s finally the prime time for coats and jackets.

Yeah, sure, you could reuse the same coat from the previous winter, but have you ever thought, just maybe this year, it’s time to splurge and spoil yourself for once? Having the right coat not only makes winter feel more cosy and bearable, but it can also spark a bit of joy that makes getting dressed even more satisfying.

Now, if you’re the type that likes to stay ahead of the trends before everyone else, we’ve got something just for you. From melton coats to shaggy teddy coats to hooded jackets full of personality, there’s bound to be an outerwear piece that piques your interest.

Teddy Coats

Wrap and belted coats

If you’ve ever felt like simply throwing a coat over your outfit, then a belted coat is the style for you. A flattering and super snug piece, the belted coat is truly a style that never dates. Its timeless sophistication makes it the perfect blend of ‘stay-at-home’ and feminine.

Belted Coat

Whether you’re planning a night out or running errands, having the right belted overcoat and styling it is sure to leave you feeling chic and put together.

Anorak Jackets

While it may resemble a parka, the anorak jacket is a great jacket to have during winter. Unlike a parka jacket, anoraks are similar to a hooded jacket and are waterproof, ideal for those rainy and misty days ahead.

Anorak Jacket

Essentially, it is the more stylish version of a raincoat in the sense that it has drawstrings allowing you to cinch in the waist for a more flattering look. Not sure how to style it? Like a trench coat, the jacket can be worn with jeans, a chic midi dress, and your favourite shoes. Pair them with your go-to accessories, and you’ve got a stellar outfit fit for an everyday look.

Cocoon Coats

As of recently, one coat that has grown in popularity is the cocoon coat. While a classic trench coat or fluffy teddy coat are great investment pieces that you’ll keep in your closet for years to come, switching things up in the coat department is a great way to test out new and trendy styles.

Cocoon Coat

When fashion calls this season, choose a cocoon coat instead of that coat you’ve been reaching for, for years. While it may differ from your usual style, its dropped down shoulders and balloon waist gives a more modern ultra-cool twist to any outfit you plan on rocking.

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