Bathong! Would you pay R10K for a makoti blanket?

Bathong! Would you pay R10K for a makoti blanket?


Show anyone in South Africa a picture of a makoti blanket, and they’ll know what exactly what is.

A common item in many African households, the makoti blanket or shawl is worn by a bride (makoti) during traditional wedding ceremonies, as a knee blanket, part of home decor and even often a handy item to have in your car for an impromptu picnic.

You can pop into any PEP store and pick a blanket, in any colour, for an average price of R160 depending on size.

So when African luxury wear designer Matte Nolim listed his 100% mohair beige-and- cream-heck blanket for R10k, people were shook!

Matte Nolim R10k blanket. Picture: Twitter

What even more shocking is that people were buying the exorbitantly priced blankets and they are now sold-out.

Pietermaritzburg-born designer Mathew Nolim Siyethemba Duma is the creative mind behind the luxury woman’s collection.

According to Business Insider, Duma is inspired by African clothing items which are taken for granted, and which he feels should be appreciated more for their quality and rich heritage.

“I've been borrowing a lot from African culture, from what I grew up with and what was looked down upon within my culture, and trying to repackage that as African Luxury,” he says.

However, when the brand tweeted an image of their “winter essential”, their followers where shocked by the price.

Here’s what they had to say about the now sold-out, R10K blanket.

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