Simphiwe Ngema shares her 3 top tips for a glowing skin

Simphiwe Ngema shares her 3 top tips for a glowing skin


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Actress and singer Simphiwe Ngema has always loved to flaunt her glowing skin.

If you sneak peek through her Instagram, you will notice that she has a thing for skincare and haircare.

When it comes to taking care of her skin, she always makes sure that it is well nourished throughout all four seasons.

On how she maintains flawless skin and a natural glow, Ngema has shared her top three skincare tips.

Exfoliate twice a week

The mother of one says that treating the skin on your body similarly to how you treat your face is key to building that ‘natural glow’.

“Exfoliating your body, including your arms and legs, twice a week is important if you want to avoid flaky, dry or itchy skin.

“Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and means better absorption of moisturising products.”

For a more youthful look, she prefers using a vibrating face massager to assist with exfoliation.

Nourish twice a day

Moisturiser is the secret to maintaining your skin's summer glow throughout winter.

Applying a good layer of moisturiser after bathing helps lock in the moisture and retain hydration.

In addition to moisturising twice a day, apply a layer of sunscreen to exposed skin.

Ngema revealed that she also adds a facial sheet/tissue mask to her routine for added moisture.

“I consistently use the Gold Series Body Talk Glamour perfume body lotion for both moisturisation and an exquisite fragrance,” she said.

Don’t forget about your lips and hands

Having chapped lips and dry hands is a no-no! Since lips and the hands are what many uses to communicate, they’re parts of your body that people notice first.

With that said, Ngema suggests using products with Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter to nourish these body parts.

She also emphasised the importance of exfoliating the lips and hands. “Exfoliated, clean skin responds better to nourishing products, and absorbs these products easier, therefore, improving skin health and overall moisture levels,” Ngema explained.

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