Like. Follow. Repost. 6 ways to make your pictures more Instagrammable

Like. Follow. Repost. 6 ways to make your pictures more Instagrammable


One of the most used social media apps, Instagram,is a playground for photographers and influencers who are keen to share their content.

However, there is always competition when it comes to standing out from the rest, hence one must find new ways to improve their content.

We caught up with digital expert and owner of digital company, Pandabomb, Calvin Fisher. He helped us put together tips on how to edit and share Instagram photos.

Check your camera settings for higher quality images

Before you even snap, make sure your camera settings are in order. Nowadays, we have smartphones equipped with powerful cameras. For best quality, your camera must be set to the highest resolution to avoid pixellating.

Choose the correct modes

The portrait is the most popular mode used to take Instagrammable photos. You can use it to take pictures of food, products, selfies, or any object that you want to stand out and make the background a bit blurry.

Know your light

Lighting is crucial, and that’s something most people fail to master. Too much or too little light will make your picture won’t be clear. The best way is to find a place that isn’t too exposed to light and bring along your source of lighting when the sun isn’t there. A ring light works best.

Learn how to set up your shots

Selfies are cool, but sometimes they don’t do the trick. It’s best to ask someone to take pictures of you. If there’s no one to assist, user a timer. It will give you at least 10 seconds to pose before capturing that moment. Also, you can use your earphones to capture your shots. Plug them into your phone and use the volume button to capture the perfect shot. This way, it would seem as if someone took the picture for you.

Edit your photos but not too much

A retouch here and there is all it takes to make your picture pop. Too much editing can ruin a good picture. Also, make use of filters but not too much. Know when to stop.

Keep it original (no filter)

It's cool to use filters sometimes, but a raw picture will always stand out because it shows the emotions.

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