Doctor reveals how long sex lasts on average

Doctor reveals how long sex lasts on average


Have you ever watched a movie and the steamy sex scene goes on forever? You probably thought: “Where do they get the stamina to go at it for so long?”

US medical doctor Dr Ali has finally set the record straight when asked the question: “How long should sex last?”

The Latino doctor, who specialises in women’s health, has gained a million TikTok followers due to her kooky, extrovert personality.

In a recent video posted on her account, she attempts to answer that smoking hot question after doing some research of her own.


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“So overall this is going to vary couples to couples, and obviously people define sex differently: does it include the foreplay, is it just penis-vaginal sex?,“ she says.

“The studies that were done look at penile-vaginal sex. So in 2005, when the study was done, the average length was 5.4 minutes.”

It may come as a huge surprise to some, especially those that joke about their virility.

Ladbible even suggests this very handy tip: If you want to make sure you make it past the 5.4 minute average, here's a top tip: get freaky to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

According to them, “the chaotic nature of the song should retard your arousal, and as the average length of intercourse is 5min 24s, this means it's mission accomplished by the penultimate lyric, ‘Nothing really matters to me'. Result”.

Dr Ali’s Instagram page is a wealth of information, sharing some tips that you never knew you needed, like “is it better to shave or wax down there?” and “do you poop while pushing?“

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