Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and her

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and her


It’s February, and everywhere you go, whether it’s virtual or physical, you simply cannot ignore the fact that it’s the month of love.

With red hearts, cuddly teddies and sparkling jewels popping up everywhere, it’s pretty hard not to miss all the Valentine’s Day marketing.

After spending your time to come up with the perfect Christmas gift for your loved one, February brings along the challenge to find the perfect “gift of love”.

A simple, single long-stemmed red rose will forever be a classic gesture of love. Present a woman with a red rose and she will always smile, but sometimes a woman wants to know that her partner has put a bit more thought into her love gift.

It’s always a bit trickier for the ladies, though. Guys can be hard to shop for because a white plush teddy and a bunch of roses might not have the same effect on them.

Here are some gift ideas to brighten up her day. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not.

For the ladies:

A love mug

If you’re one of those guys who spoils your lady with coffee in bed in the mornings, this cute “love” mug will forever be her special mug. That of course can never be touched by anyone else.

Shop: Woolworths Love Mug

Make it personal

Personalised gifts show that you’ve gone the extra mile to do something really special just for her. One way to show her that she’s the only one for you is by giving her something unique. Personalised jewellery, like a necklace or bracelet, are perfect.

Shop: MeMi signature chain necklace

Practical always wins

If your lady loves the outdoors or pottering around in the garden, then she’ll love the perfect pair of comfy yet stylish shoes to go with any outdoor activity. I love these electric pink Crocs sandals. Comfort, style and durability. Perfect for walks on the beach and a trip to the shops! Add a few Jibbitz charms for a personal touch.

Shop: Electric pink Crocs sandals

For the guys

Keep track

Everyone is on a fitness buzz these days. Whether it’s a brisk walk in the mornings or a full-on workout in your back yard, people are finding ways to get fit and stay fit without having to set foot in a gym. Any guy getting into a fitness routine would love a fitness tracker device or watch.

Shop: Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS Running Watch

Smell of success

Receiving perfume is always a treat. Buy your guy perfume, the perfect gift for both you and him. You get to smell a perfume you love on him, and he gets to enjoy making you swoon whenever he’s around.

Shop: Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Intense Eau De Toilette

Get into the game

Love it or hate it, but guys, young and old, are addicted to online gaming. Yes of course it can be annoying listening to your guy yelling at the screen to people you cannot see. And of course with gaming comes gadgets and guys love gadgets!

Shop: Stealth Hornet Multi-format Stereo Gaming Headset

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