4 tips on how to stop overthinking and flourish in life

4 tips on how to stop overthinking and flourish in life


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Although overthinking is a common aspect of life. It can, however, be detrimental to one’s mental health or career progression.

A new employment position, a personal situation at home, dread, or imposter syndrome are contributing factors in some circumstances.

According to master life coach Lizette Volkwyn, overthinking can hinder your career growth. It can also affect your relationships and self-worth negatively.

Below, Volkwyn shares five tips on how to stop overthinking:

Conquer the fear of failure

According to Volkwyn, failure should be regarded as mere feedback because it is an opportunity to adjust your actions to improve and grow.

“Eliminating the fear of failure immediately brings you one step closer to giving it your all without questioning your worth,” she says.

Lack of understanding

At work or in social spaces, it’s essential to understand what is expected of you. Ask and do research – that will assist you in developing confidence in your abilities and eliminating feelings of inadequacy. According to Volkwyn, you will overthink less if you understand more.

Eliminate the what-if scenarios

There is always the risk that something will go wrong, but you must prepare for them. Eliminate the what-if scenarios and replace them with facts and realistic possibilities. Volkwyn recommends focusing on your strengths and adaptability while also focusing on the present.

Stick to your guns

Establish clear goals and stick to them. According to Volkwyn, overthinking occurs when you are unclear about the direction you want to take.

Overthinking does not need to be a killer but rather an opportunity to assess, confidently step up, and deliver beyond the obvious, she says.

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