Mom ate 4 000 calories a day with takeaway kebabs for lunch and dessert

Mom ate 4 000 calories a day with takeaway kebabs for lunch and dessert


At 35 years old Samantha, from Hartlepool, weighed 30 stone (more than 190kg) and struggled to move around her home.

Speaking on Britain's Fattest People, Samatha said she feels too ashamed to go out, leaving the responsibilities of family life to her husband Keith, who she has been with for the past 14 years.

“I used to love my home,” she said. “But it's a prison to me.

“Sometimes I just don't want to answer my phone, let alone answer the door. Everything is just becoming too much for me now. I'm only 35 but I feel like I'm 90.“

Samatha says she ate 4 000 calories a day with takeaway kebabs for lunch and desserts. During the day when she's home alone, she would order takeaways for lunch. All day she would graze on high-calorie snacks. In the evening, Keith would be on hand to take late-night orders.

“Sammy was my first girlfriend and my first love,” Keith said. “I'm there for her all the time – what she wants and what she needs.”

The mother-of-three said she has been called by many names since she started gaining weight.

“'I've had some pretty awful things said to me in the past about my weight,' she says. “Like a fat monster, or “look at the size of her.” I'm too ashamed to go anywhere, for anybody to look at me.”

Referring to her life before she was branded a “fat monster”, Samantha said: “I'm out of control and I wouldn't be overweight like I am if I wasn't.”

“I can't blame my husband or anybody else because I know I did the damage and I put the food in my mouth.”

Samantha’s health took a beating. She experiences severe headaches caused by intracranial hypertension, which left her in bed for days, and could lead to blindness.

With a grandchild on the way, Samantha is determined to break old habits and change her life.

She sought professional help. After seeing the surgeon, she is tasked with losing around 5kg over the next five weeks to prove she is engaging and ready to break her addiction to food.

The Sun reported that in the first few weeks, Keith revealed that the couple had fought when Samantha “fell off the bandwagon” and had a chicken kebab, chocolates and a few drinks.

However, she turned it around again by restricting her calories to 800 a day and lost an impressive 5kg.

A year later, last year, Samantha had lost eight stone (50kg), which was nearly a quarter of her starting weight, and dropped from a size 32 to 22.


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