5 simple ways to help reduce bloating

5 simple ways to help reduce bloating


Bloating is the build-up of gas in your abdomen, and it can get quite uncomfortable or painful.

It is caused by several things, including irritable bowel syndrome, eating too fast, constipation, drinking carbonated beverages, food intolerance, and menstrual cycles, to mention a few.

A few of the common symptoms to look out for include stomach pains, gas, or heartburn.

According to health experts, bloating can be relieved at home by following a few tips – provided it is not caused by a medical condition.

Below are five tips you can use to reduce bloating:

Increase your potassium intake

According to experts, eating potassium-rich foods is helpful as it reduces water retention by removing excess sodium (salt) from the body. In your diet, include foods like avocados, legumes, or green leafy vegetables.

Drink peppermint tea

Peppermint is said to help digestion because menthol and menthone, two of its components, have digestive properties.

Yoga poses

Doing a few yoga poses is one way to relieve bloating or indigestion. These may include the cow pose, child pose, revolved triangle pose, cat-cow pose, or standing forward fold pose.

Probiotic foods

According to studies, probiotic foods may improve one’s digestive health. Probiotics are found in supplements. However, they can also be found in fermented foods such as yoghurt, pickles, or soft cheeses.


Bloating and discomfort can be relieved with over-the-counter medications. Consult your local pharmacy. There are numerous options to choose from.

If you experience frequent bloating, experts recommend seeing a doctor in case the cause is severe.

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