5 red themed foods for you to try on Valentine's Day

5 red themed foods for you to try on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day can be loads of fun for everyone’s dieting needs. Even if you are trying to make healthy choices during this special day, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with something special. For some, this is a visual reminder that their favourite time of the year has arrived.

If you are a lover of over the top things, then it’s great because you can take Valentine’s Day one step further and keep the colour theme going strong throughout your romantic dinner at home. Try your hand at whipping up some of the most beautiful red dishes you can find.

Whether it’s a pack of pasta or a delicious smoothie, we’ve got some very good dish ideas that you can make for yourself, your friends or your special someone.


Watermelon is a healthy snack any time of the day. On this special day, have a little fun by cutting the watermelon into various sized hearts using biscuit cutters. You could even use hugs and kisses, lips and more with a Valentine’s Day-themed biscuit cutter set.

Coloured pasta

Forget the yellow-white colour of pasta, and add colouring to it. Don’t forget that, however entertaining and decorative coloured pasta is, it should complement and not rival the sauce – which is always the central attraction of any pasta dish. So don’t overdo the colour or flavourings and always try to match the pasta with the sauce you are proposing to serve it with.

Frozen red grapes

For a quick frozen treat, put some red grapes in the freezer. A healthy snack for Valentine’s Day and super easy to make.

Strawberry pancakes

Strawberry pancakes are perfect for breakfast. You can colour them by adding a fruit in the colour of your choice. Mix up your batter as you normally would, then add some strawberries. Put the mix in the blender and be sure to blend well so that there are no lumps before baking them as you normally would.

Raspberry smoothie

Smoothies are such an easy way to nourish your body. They are great for any meal, and for all ages, particularly for quick lunches and breakfasts. They also offer an amazing way to boost your immune system and replenish important vitamins.

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