TikTokers are adding a protein shake to their coffee, but is 'Proffee' good for you?

TikTokers are adding a protein shake to their coffee, but is ‘Proffee’ good for you?


Once again, TikTok has introduced us to a viral coffee trend: Proffee (protein + coffee).

The drink, which combines a protein shake and cold-brewed coffee, may not be as Instagrammable as Dalgona coffee, but it has been hailed for helping people in their eternal quest to consume more protein.

Not only is it satisfying but it also keeps your stomach full for a long time. All the fitness enthusiasts are loving this newest form of coffee and have become nothing less than a rage.

What is Proffee?

Proffee is a coffee preparation made by mixing coffee with a protein shake. It is made by applying ice cubes and a few shots of espresso to a cup and pouring a protein shake. In this recipe, sweeteners are optional. TikTok has made this Proffee trend real, with hundreds of people sharing their protein coffee.

Earlier this year, TikTok user @happyhealthyolivia shared a video that showed her frothing up a premier protein shake and adding it to her morning cup of hot coffee. Since then, others have hopped on the Proffee trend with their own versions, which include using coffee-flavoured shakes with a splash of whipping cream or even adding protein powder to their favourite Starbucks order – all to mixed results.


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It’s thought (and agreed upon by other TikTok users) that the blend of muscle-building sports supplements and energy-spiking caffeine boosts energy levels and, more dubiously, burns more calories.

However some experts – like Lisa Richards, nutritionist, and author of The Candida Diet are wary of the idea of substituting the buzzy beverage for a full meal.

“For those considering the Proffee trend as a means to boost health and get in a quick protein-packed breakfast, there are a few health considerations to keep in mind,” Richards says.

“Primarily it is important to understand that you are likely only taking in protein and caffeine. A coffee-loaded protein shake is a minimal replacement for a whole foods breakfast, which would also provide a quality serving of carbohydrates, fat, and micro-nutrients.

“This breakfast replacement could be paired with a small, on-the-go breakfast like a boiled egg and banana to ensure carbs and fats are getting worked in as well.”

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