L’Or Espresso Ultimo intensity 13 coffee is the perfect partner for chocolate

L’Or Espresso Ultimo intensity 13 coffee is the perfect partner for chocolate


L’Or recently launched Ultimo, with an intensity of 13, giving coffee drinkers a dark roast espresso that offers a full-bodied experience together with a long and intense lingering taste of roasted coffee and chocolate notes.

The Arabica bean used to create this unique coffee experience gives it an intense dark chocolate flavour.

L’Or is bringing a coffee flavour to the market that will not only entice the coffee connoisseur but also excite them with this new intense, dark coffee together with a hint of chocolate,” explains Matthew Dees, brand manager for L’Or.

Pairing coffee and chocolate together is a great combination as coffee and chocolate are both very complex beans, and when roasted their flavours become compatible. Darker roast coffee and a darker roast cocoa both have slightly bitter chocolate flavours. L’Or has once again perfected this intense pairing and is giving the coffee drinker the chance to enjoy this pairing in Ultimo.

Ultimo is the perfect addition to the L’Or range and caters to coffee drinkers who enjoy a darker roast with a high intensity,” comments Dees. “Being able to provide a desired coffee taste to the coffee market is important and with the introduction of Ultimo we are able to satisfy all our consumers personal tastes.”

L’Or Ultimo is available at all retail supermarkets at a RRSP of R69.99 for a pack of 10 capsules. L’Or capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines*.

*L’OR capsules are compatible with most Nespresso coffee machines. For a list of compatible machines please go to www.lorespresso.com

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