Local artist Jasmine Jagger pays tribute to Maurice Boon Musgrave with limited edition bottle

Local artist Jasmine Jagger pays tribute to Maurice Boon Musgrave with limited edition bottle


Cape Town-based contemporary and expressionistic artist Jasmine Jagger has collaborated with Musgrave Gin on a limited edition bottle that pays tribute to Maurice Boon Musgrave, grandfather of founder Simone Musgrave.

Through the trials of lockdown, Jagger challenged herself to let go of barriers – she found inspiration in the intricacies of daily life and the meanderings of her mind.

While spending a significant amount of time at home, she yearned for adventure. Inspired by a bottle of Musgrave Original Gin, Jagger found herself daydreaming of the pith helmeted derring-do of Maurice Boon Musgrave.

Maurice left Plymouth in 1949 bound for Africa to start a new life exploring, trading, and discovering the people and the land.

She painted a tribute to him which features the gin pirate – a symbol of adventure and great courage in the face of adversity.

“When I painted this piece, South Africa was in a hard lockdown – alcohol was banned, and I was fantasising of bootlegging and of swashbuckling rebellion,” said Jagger.

Simone said when Jagger showed her the work she had created she was struck by the incredible synergy between their bespoke spirits and contemporary African art.

She said there was a clear opportunity to collaborate on a unique product design that so vividly captured the essence of their journeys over the last twelve months.

Jagger will be exhibiting this painting and more at the Candice Berman Gallery in Johannesburg. The exhibition will open with a special launch of Musgrave Eleven on Thursday, May 27.

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of brands adopting art in the marketing and branding process, making collaboration with art a popular trend in various industries.

Last month, South African artist Faith XLVII (read as Faith 47) was the first woman and only South African artist to feature on the Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition Series.

At a recent launch held in Braamfontein, she revealed the mural which accompanies the bottle that was unveiled in 2020.

“With my new mural, I salute the woman of Johannesburg.

“The woman who has to navigate this great city, with its booming culture and bustling streets.

“Who has to earn a living, often supporting others while still keeping her mind focused on her dreams and abilities.

“Who deals with the constant struggle of staying safe while still striving to be liberated and independent.

“This woman is my hero of Johannesburg and this great land,” she said.

She added: “This land of Johannesburg is so strong. It’s not for the faint-hearted.

“It’s a place that holds deep reservoirs of culture.

“It’s got a definite edge.

“There’s a soul here, and every time I spend time in this city, I’m filled with an energy that sparks me in my understanding of life.

“Painting in Joburg is something that I do with sheer dedication to the residents of the city.”

On being the first woman to feature on the Hennessy artist collaboration series, Faith said: “I started in graffiti, and that was male-dominated, and I think we all have to challenge the status quo.

“I’ve always enjoyed challenging the status quo.”

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