Get more bark for your buck in Loot’s pet section

Get more bark for your buck in Loot’s pet section


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The warmer seasons are right around the corner. That means more outdoor activities with your furry friends and stocking up on their best treats.

Whether you’re planning your next hike outside with your beloved pooch or just need to buy your next stash of pet-related products, we’ve got you covered at a price that matters.

Buying from Loot is fast, easy and comparatively cheaper than most online outlets.

Leashed up

Did you know that walking your dog on a leash can help improve their temperament? Leash-obedient dogs are better protected from other animals and leashes are a great identification tool when out in public for a walk. So stay stylish with a selection of bright, colourful leashes or harnesses for your pooch from Bragg Bags. The harnesses come in a variety of shades and sizes, from M to XL, depending on your pet’s size.

Harnesses for your pooch from Bragg Bags

Treats from heaven

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to train your pet involves tasty treats. If you provide them with the right treats as a viable reward system, you’re likely to see improvement with your training sessions. We recommend the Olympic Professional Dog Biscuits range, which caters to puppies, larger dogs and even has a bacon and cheese flavour!

Pet food can cost a pretty penny, so if you’re thinking about stocking up, the Jock Multistage Pet Food for adult and active dogs is available in 20kg and 40kg. Alternatively, check out Tailsup Pet Food in Chicken, available in 8kg and 25kg packs.

JOCK Multistage Pet Food

Make sure your older or more active dogs are getting all the nutrients they need – and give The Herbal Pet’s Joint Formula a try? It’s an all natural herbal supplement that helps support your dog’s recovery from exercise.

Finally, all that food needs storage and to be protected from the elements and other pests, the Mpet Pet Food Container (XL) is ideal for your bulk food buys.

Pet basics that will change your life

Your cat wants some freedom to roam outside while you’re at work? Get this Cat Mate Lockable Cat Flap and your feline companion can come in and out without bothering you. Another ideal product for cats? A cat feeder! The Catit Senses 2.0 Digger helps your cat “work for their food” and prevents rushed overeating and subsequent problems thereafter.

Beeztees rodent cage

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