Cardi B takes fans BTS of her 'Up' music video

Cardi B takes fans BTS of her ‘Up’ music video


Rapper Cardi B let her fans in on what it took to make the music video for her latest single, “Up”.

The part one special behind-the-scenes video on YouTube was filmed in Los Angeles, California and showed Cardi B and the rest of her production team on day 23 of dance rehearsals.

They also try on wardrobe and make-up and prepare the rest of the set for the video, with Cardi B letting her team know her vision for the video.

The video also shows bits of a creative meeting three days before the shoot.

“There’s no real consistent look,” says stylist Kollin Carter, “it’s just like having fun with fashion with different aesthetics.

“We’ve got some early 2000s aesthetics, we got some couture, we, of course, have some super sexy moments.

“It’s a lot of different visions, it’s a mix, with something everywhere.”

Aside from the glitz and glamour, Cardi B shows fans the side of her that is tired and in pain.

“My head hurts, I can’t wait to go to sleep tonight,” she says.

She also revealed that she hates early mornings and wasn’t in the mood to do the video.

The original music video was released on Friday and has been viewed close to 26 million times on YouTube.

Known for her extremeness, this sky-high production shows the “WAP” hitmaker dancing in cheerleader-like formation, swopping tongues with other hot women in a giant silver oyster, wearing a doll head, holding a vibrator and laying on top of a naked dead corpse, among other scenes.

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