a fashionable day at the beach

a fashionable day at the beach


Durban – In this picture, probably taken in the 1920s, of South Beach looking towards the Bluff, Durban residents enjoy the beach in all their finery. Dress lengths may have shortened but the women were still turned out in heels, and the men with jackets and hats. ’Facilities’ were merely a few beach huts

The building in the middle ground was probably the original Addington Hospital Nurses Home, before the Addington Children’s Hospital was built on the next plot in 1928, opening in 1931. The building, along with the children’s hospital, is currently under restoration.

The scene today. Picture: Shelley Kjonstad African News Agency (ANA)

Some 100 years later, as Shelley Kjonstad’s modern picture shows, South Beach is still a popular “playground” for city residents and tourists alike, on a beachfront that has grown beyond humble beginnings as a simple park among the dunes.

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