Trevor Noah offers IG fans some ’profound’ words

Trevor Noah offers IG fans some ’profound’ words


Trevor Noah has left his fans and followers confused with his latest offering on Instagram.

“The Daily Show” host, who reportedly split from his bae, Minka Kelly, posted a colourful picture of himself sitting at a bus stop bench in the Wynwood Walls & Art District, Miami.

Accompanying the Instagram post was a philosophical caption which read: ”Life is like a bus stop. You find yourself waiting a lot. Sometimes there are people with you and sometimes there are not.

“And not all the buses are your bus but there’s a bus for everyone. All that matters is that we buy a ticket and get on.

“And sometimes you’re not sitting at a bus stop. It’s just a bench.

“Also you can sit at a bus stop if you’re tired, you don’t have to catch the bus but the area is generally reserved for bus passengers.

“So technically sometimes you shouldn’t get on because you weren’t trying to catch the bus.

“You were just sitting there taking a picture because it looked nice. #inspiration #deep #meaningfultattoos #miami #wynwoodwalls“.

While the caption made sense on various levels to many of Noah’s fans, others were left “deeply” confused.

A fan wrote: “So rubbish and deep at the same time.”

Another said: “I can’t tell if you’re trolling with this caption or you’re serious 😩😩.”

Macgee22 said: “Deep brother I definitely needed these words blessings 🤘🏿💚💜.”

Some fans though the post could be referring to Noah’s emotional state after his reported breakup.

According to People magazine, Noah and the Titans actress, who he was first romantically linked to in August 2020, have gone their separate ways.

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