DJ Speedsta says he has 'thick skin' after being dragged for 'John Wick' complaint

DJ Speedsta says he has ‘thick skin’ after being dragged for ‘John Wick’ complaint


Local hip hop star DJ Speedsta has hit back at social media users after he was dragged for complaining about amapiano DJs playing the same song at grooves.

In case you missed it, the “Mayo” producer took to Twitter over the weekend where he lamented about “John Wick” by De Mthuda featuring Sir Trill & Da Muziqal Chef being played multiple times at groove.

“Piano DJs all play the same songs. John wick 4 times a night,” he tweeted.

Groovists didn’t take kindly to his post, roasting him and in the process dragging all hip hop DJs for still playing songs from the mid 2000s – such as “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khalid.

Taking to Instagram, DJ Speedsta posted a video of himself playing at the Radisson Red Rooftop Bar in Cape Town with Da L.E.S making an appearance.

He captioned the post: “The socials got their chance to be ugly to me but I was born with a thick skin.

“Stay safe & look after each other. Call your friends & tell them you love them.

“Don’t wait for them to die. It’s super cute to see I still get them going I won’t lie.

“PS. Please educate us, Piano DJs. You drop a new song every week, but you play the same stuff at the gig? Go away!”

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