How you can get funding to study at Harvard University

How you can get funding to study at Harvard University


The Harvard University Center for African Studies is offering disadvantaged South Africans a chance to study for free.

The world renowned university announced it would be opening its doors to disadvantaged South African professionals who have shown considerable skill in their chosen fields, at no cost.

The fully funded Harvard South Africa Fellowship Program for students in law, public health and humanities provides a learning opportunity to South Africans on a bigger and much greater platform.

Through the programme, individuals can study – without worrying about tuition costs and living expenses – for up to one year at one of Harvard’s professional and graduate schools in Boston, Massachusetts.

Priority will be given to mid-career applicants from historically marginalised or under-represented groups, including applicants from rural areas.

Programme manager at the Center for African Studies office in Johannesburg, Nthatisi Quella, said: “South Africa still has a critical need to develop leaders in energy, infrastructure, good governance, healthcare, education and technology.

“We recognise there is a need to develop candidates who are likely to advance South Africa as it relates to youth unemployment, immigration, social justice and social inclusion, equality, human rights and climate change.”

Quella said the programme’s aim was to help with the growth and development of South Africa as well as regional and global development. It is designed for professionals who have been educationally disadvantaged by past laws and resource allocation in South Africa.

Interim Oppenheimer faculty director at the Harvard Center for African Studies, Professor Wafaie Fawzi, said: “This programme provides a transformational experience for the South African fellows, and we always look for individuals who want to make a positive impact back home so the programme’s benefits can go beyond the Harvard community.”

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