9 bursary opportunities you don’t want to miss out on

9 bursary opportunities you don’t want to miss out on


A good education paves the way for a successful career and helps improve the quality of life.

Getting a proper and good education is vital but also comes at a cost, especially if you wish to specialise in a scarce-skilled sector or profession in demand.

However, there are many bursaries available for South Africans at the moment.

Here are nine bursary opportunities for students who have not yet secured tertiary study funding for the 2021/2022 academic year, covering various fields of study.

But quicken your pace as most of the applications for these bursary opportunities close on April 30, 2021.

These bursaries cover undergraduate and postgraduate studies in engineering, science, technology, accounting, medicine and more.

To find out more about these bursaries, visit SA Bursaries.

1. Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship Bursary

Each year, 100 students are selected to receive this award.

Allan Gray is inviting matric pupils, who intend on pursuing degree studies in engineering, law, commerce, humanities, arts or science (excluding medicine, dentistry and veterinary science) to apply for 2022 funding.

More details on how to apply: www.zabursaries.co.za/general-bursaries-south-africa/allan-gray-orbis-fellowship-bursary/

2. Shoprite Bursary

Pupils who are pursuing studies towards an accounting (CA stream: SAICA), Information Technology/ systems or data science degree can apply to receive a bursary through the Shoprite Group.

After students have graduated, they will also be invited to join one of the group’s academies.

More details on how to apply: www.zabursaries.co.za/general-bursaries-south-africa/shoprite-bursaries/

3. Columbus Stainless bursary

This bursary is for studies within the science and engineering sectors, specifically for studies in these fields: process instrumentation, mechanical engineering, physical metallurgy, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, material science and chemistry.

More details on how to apply: www.zabursaries.co.za/engineering-bursaries-south-africa/columbus-stainless-bursary/

4. IFA (Independent Field Advertiser) bursary

The IFA Bursary covers undergradute studies in any field, for children (biological or under legal guardianship), of active IFA members.

More details on how to apply: www.zabursaries.co.za/general-bursaries-south-africa/ifa-independent-field-advertiser-bursary/

5. GrandWest bursary

This bursary covers pupils, who reside within the Western Cape, to take up studies at the UCT, Stellenbosch University or the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

The GrandWest Socio-Economic Development (SED) bursary invites pupils, who are studying or registered to study, within any of these fields: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, human resources, marketing or tourism.

More details on how to apply: www.zabursaries.co.za/general-bursaries-south-africa/grandwest-bursary/

6. South African Veterinary Foundation (SAVF) bursary

The SAVF Bursary is for veterinary science, fourth and fifth year studies, at the University of Pretoria.

There will be two bursaries awarded to the value of R10 000 each.

More details on how to apply: www.zabursaries.co.za/medical-bursaries-south-africa/south-african-veterinary-foundation-bursary/

7. Exxaro bursary

The Exxaro bursary is aimed at studies within core mining industry disciplines, specifically in the following fields: civil engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, geology, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronic engineering, metallurgical engineering, mine surveying and mining engineering.

Bursary recipients will receive cover for all study-related expenses, as well as assistance from senior leaders, practical work exposure at Exxaro operations, administrative support, monitoring and so much more.

More details on how to apply: www.zabursaries.co.za/engineering-bursaries-south-africa/exxaro-bursary/

8. Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa/ FPE bursary

Postgraduate students (Master or Doctoral only), pursuing studies towards a Pharmacy qualification, are invited to apply for the FPE Bursary.

Bursaries are also awarded to Undergraduate students pursuing a BPharm qualification, however these applications will only open in June 2021.

More details on how to apply: www.zabursaries.co.za/medical-bursaries-south-africa/pharmaceutical-society-of-south-africa-bursaries/

9. Tegkor/ Nelson Mandela University bursary

This is an internal bursary by Nelson Mandela University for pupils pursuing accounting studies at NMU.

The bursary invites first year BCom accounting and BCom accounting sciences students; second and third year BCom accounting (Chartered Accounting), BCom general accounting and BCom accounting sciences students; as well as postgraduate students for studies in postgraduate Diploma in accounting (PGDA-CTA), postgraduate Diploma in accountancy (PGDA) and postgraduate Diploma in internal auditing (PGDIA).

More details on how to apply: www.zabursaries.co.za/universities/tegkor-nelson-mandela-university-bursary/

Students can find these bursaries and many more by visiting: www.zabursaries.co.za/

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