Coega launches Global Scholars Programme

Coega launches Global Scholars Programme


THE COEGA Development Corporation (CDC) yesterday announced it was launching its Coega Global Scholars Programme (CGSP) as the country celebrates Youth Month.

CDC chief executive Khwezi Tiya said: “The CGSP is a talent identification and retention programme which seeks to strengthen the capacity of the CDC by training at postgraduate (Master’s) level current management talent and future talent by sending them to selected top-tier global universities specialising in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and related interdisciplinary studies.”

The programme seeks to contribute towards socio-economic transformation and organisational and national capacity.

CDC human resources head Zola Ngoma said the programme would be executed over five years with intakes for Master’s level qualifications, which tended to have an average duration of two years. In addition, highly rated Asian and European universities had been identified, with a target of 30 candidates, comprising a 60/40 split between internal and external candidates, respectively.

“The programme is designed to ensure sustainable gender representation and organisational transformation. Thus it seeks to ensure a 60 percent participation for women in the programme,” said Ngoma.

“As we celebrate this significant milestone, we hope that the CGSP addresses and mitigates the skills gap that may arise in the future and develop the next generation of leaders. Furthermore, we hope this programme will improve the organisation’s competitiveness and also enhance the CDC’s capability to be a world-class infrastructure, real assets management and related investment services company,” said Tiya. | Staff Reporter

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