Lancaster withdraws request for Dutch lawsuit – Steinhoff

Lancaster withdraws request for Dutch lawsuit – Steinhoff


STEINHOFF International said yesterday that the Amsterdam District Court on Friday heard the requests made by Hamilton and Lancaster 101, opposing parties as regards the proposed global settlement, and Lancaster 101 had withdrawn all its requests in reference to its proposed global settlement and “these no longer needed to be resolved by a Dutch court”.

However, Hamilton, which is seeking R14 billion claims against Steinhoff, continued with its request for interim measures, which Steinhoff administrators and other attending parties opposed.

The court said it would have to resolve the issues raised by Hamilton and was expected to make an order within two weeks.

Steinhoff said Hamilton had lodged an appeal against the court’s decision to appoint a committee of representation on May 28.

Steinhoff said it would continue its defence against any attempt to disrupt the proposed global settlement and its continuing suspension of payment proceedings.

The proposed global settlement requires the support of participating claimants and approvals by the Dutch and South African courts.

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