Labour union Fedusa launches mobile app for its members

Labour union Fedusa launches mobile app for its members


THE Federation of Unions of South Africa announced the launch of its mobile application in Cape Town on Thursday.

Fedusa said it was the first time a South African trade union federation digitised its services for its members.

“The services include training, recruitment, collective bargaining planning, union and federation news, among others, at the fingertips of members belonging to the 19 affiliates,” it said.

Fedusa said the app’s content would be 100 percent locally produced.

It plans to embark on a roadshow over the next 12 months to reach its 100 000 or so users. The roadshows will be held in cities and towns where the union has a following. Fedusa wants to encourage its members to embrace and familiarise themselves with the app.

“The federation believes the app couldn’t have come at a more opportune time in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic protocols under which workers have been forced to work and relate to one another, a situation that demands more reliable and modern strategies of remote interconnectedness,” it said.


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